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Zhe "Jay" Shan, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor
Department of Information Systems and Analytics (ISA)
Farmer School of Business
Miami University
800 E. High St. Oxford, OH 45056

Office: (513) 529-2135
Fax: (513) 556-5499
Email: jayshan at miamioh dot edu
School page:

Personal page:


  • Ph.D. in Business Administration and Operations Research (Major in Information Systems, Minor in Statistics), Penn State University, 2011
  • M.Phil. in Computer Science, City University of Hong Kong , 2003
  • B.Sc. in Computer Science, Nanjing University (China), 2000


  • ISA414 Managing Big Data (Spring 2019)
  • ISA245 Database Systems and Data Warehousing (Fall 2018)
  • @ University of Cincinnati (2013-2018)
    • IS7034 Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
    • IS7036 Data Mining for Business Intelligence
    • IS8080 Independent Study on 1) Text Analytics, 2) Big Data Analytics, 3) Social Media Analytics
  • @ Manhattan College (2011-2013): CIS 110 Introduction to Infortion System, CIS 227 Business Statistics, BUAN 327 Advanced Business Statistics
  • @ Penn State (2006-2011): MIS 434 Internet Technology & E-commerce

Research Interests:

  • Blockchain and FinTech Innovation
  • Information Security Management
  • Patient-centered Healthcare
  • Business Process Analytics

Selected Papers:

  1. Akhil Kumar, Rong Liu, Zhe Shan: Is Blockchain a Silver Bullet for Supply Chain Management? Technical Challenges and Research Opportunities , Accepted by Decision Sciences, May 2019.
  2. Danny T.Y. Wu, Smruti Deoghare1, Zhe Shan, and Katherine Blondon: Navigation Patterns and Dashboard Use in an Electronic Health Record System – A Simulation Handoff Study. Accepted by Health Systems, May 2019.
  3. Georgiana Craciun, Wenqi Zhou, Zhe Shan: The Impact of Emotion and Gender on Online Review Helpfulness (short name). Under revision for invited resubmission, Apr 2019.
  4. Dong-Gil Ko, Feng Mai, Zhe Shan, David Zhang (in alphabetical order): Operational Efficiency and Patient-Centered Health Care: A View from Online Physician Reviews. Accepted by Journal of Operations Management (UTD, FT50, ABS4*), Feb 2019.
  5. Rong Liu, Feng Mai, Zhe Shan, Ying Wu (in alphabetical order): Predicting insider trading (short name), Under revision for invited resubmission, Jan 2019.
  6. Wenqi Zhou, Zhe Shan, Georgiana Craciun: No One Trusts Emotional Women? Measuring the Impact of Discrete Emotions on Review Helpfulness. Best Paper Award, 17th Pre-ICIS Workshop on e-Business (WeB 2018), Dec 2018.
  7. Jingguo Wang, Zhe Shan, Manish Gupta, H. Raghav Rao: A Longitudinal Study of Unauthorized Access Attempts on Information Systems: The Role of Opportunity Contexts. Accepted by MIS Quarterly (UTD, FT50, ABS4*), Aug 2018. (Blog on LSE Business Review)
  8. Feng Mai, Zhe Shan, Qing Bai, Xin Wang, Roger Chiang: How does social media impact Bitcoin value? A test of the silent majority hypothesis. Journal of Management Information Systems (FT50, ABS4), 35(1), 19-52, Mar 2018. (Blog on LSE Business Review)
  9. Zhe Shan, Akhil Kumar: Optimal Adapter Creation for Process Composition in Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Communication. ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems, 3(2), 1-33, July 2012.
  10. Liangjie Zhang, Zhe Shan, Zhihong Mao: An optimal-control-based decision-making model and consulting methodology for services enterprises. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 57(4), 607-619, November 2010.